What is InMotion?

InMotion is a boutique studio that specializes in spin and small group classes to advocate a healthier lifestyle and work all major muscle groups using full body and cardio workouts. We promote an inclusive environment with experienced trainers and impeccable customer service to help you in becoming a new version of yourself!

“Each instructor is unique and inspiring! Each ride is a new experience! You are challenged to challenge yourself. Having a good day or a bad day, you will leave feeling great. I highly recommend it!”

Janet Crory, InMotion Member

“Since starting inMotion I’ve noticed so many changes for the better. For one, I finally enjoy working out, I look forward to going almost every day. Also, I’ve noticed my strength and endurance to get through the class has improved greatly. The instructors are fun but they also coach you on the form so you really improve each class!”

Christine McPartland, InMotion Member

“InMotion classes work for me because there is a constant change of routine/different muscle group challenges so you do not get bored!”

Libby Conway, InMotion Member