What is InMotion?

InMotion is a boutique studio that specializes in spin and small group classes to advocate a healthier lifestyle and work all major muscle groups using full body and cardio workouts. We promote an inclusive environment with experienced trainers and impeccable customer service to help you in becoming a new version of yourself!

“Each instructor is unique and inspiring! Each ride is a new experience! You are challenged to challenge yourself. Having a good day or a bad day, you will leave feeling great. I highly recommend it!”

Janet Crory, InMotion Member

The instructors all run challenging, fun classes. The facility is very clean. The bikes are in great condition. The owners are friendly and engaging. The people who attend have created a nice community!

Beverly Doucette, Member

Love the availability of spin classes to fit working people’s schedule, the variety of the instructors and their styles and the general comraderie of all the members!

Chris Harris, Member

So friendly and fun, great family feel and reasonably priced. I love the spin classes!

Alyssa Harrington , Member

Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Facility is clean and modern. Biking shoe rental is great. Spinning is fun and environment is very judgement-free.

Lucy Arrigo, Member

“Since starting inMotion I’ve noticed so many changes for the better. For one, I finally enjoy working out, I look forward to going almost every day. Also, I’ve noticed my strength and endurance to get through the class has improved greatly. The instructors are fun but they also coach you on the form so you really improve each class!”

Christine McPartland, InMotion Member

I have joined too many gyms to count and have never stuck with any of them…now feel like I found my niche and have been working out regularly at least 3 times a week for almost four months! Love the small group workouts with focus on proper technique and maximizing your ability; never bored as workouts always changing; staff friendly and helpful creating a community feel…would highly recommend.

Kathy Glasheen, Member

The instructors are top notch and knowledgeable about fitness. They make the workouts fun and diverse and encourage spirited conversation during the classes. It’s so much more than a gym. InMotion’s supportive, friendly and welcoming community is also a big asset and motivates members to show up frequently.

Pam Laufer, Member

Motivated and friendly staff that push you if you want to be pushed!

William Childs, Member

Such a great place to relieve stress and get an amazing work out! The instructors provide a great environment to work out in!

Hope Post, Member

“InMotion classes work for me because there is a constant change of routine/different muscle group challenges so you do not get bored!”

Libby Conway, InMotion Member

Friendly and helpful staff that care about their clients. Clean studio with good equipment. Good options for class times.

Diane Baker, Member

I appreciate the support of the instructors and employees. I always feel welcome and encouraged to do my best without pressure. It’s a friendly atmosphere that I enjoy being a part of while improving my health.

Beth Haywood, Member

The customer service is superb. As you enter, you are always treated with a big smile. The Instructiors are all great, we’ll trained and coach throughout each class.

Marie Gilet, Member

I love the small class sizes, the individual service and the morning schedule. There is also a good variety of classes each day.

Christine West , Member