Who are we?

InMotion is a boutique studio that specializes in spin and small group classes to advocate a healthier lifestyle and work all major muscle groups using full body and cardio workouts. We promote an inclusive environment with experienced trainers and impeccable customer service to help you in becoming a new version of yourself!

Why should you come here?

To make a true difference in your life. To improve your health, wellness, and emotional well-being by doing regular exercises that allows you to move better, feel stronger and have more endurance. We understand the desire to look and feel healthy and that’s why we’re the guides to lead the way on your journey. The lack of a consistent workout plan leads to the continuation of a sedentary lifestyle, but our studio can help you break those old habits and replace them with healthy new ones. Become a brand-new person, join us today!

How do I get started?

 Get started is with our New Client Special! Try unlimited spin and small group classes for one month! Every journey starts with one step in the right direction. Join us and we’ll show you what it takes to become the healthy person you can be. Click on the button to purchase the New Client Special.

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Where are you?

Our studio is located in Westford on route 110 (Littleton Road) right on the Chelmsford border. There is a green sign at the building entrance and we are in the end unit. If you get lost please call us at 978-319-9074.