Chelmsford, MA
Excellent Instructors with a great variety of classes!

Westford, MA
Great instructors and management. Convenient location and friendly atmosphere.

Chelmsford, MA
great classes and friendly instructors. Wish there was more room to change, storage for items.

Acton, MA
The wonderful, friendly staff and variety in classes.

Westford, MA
Very friendly staff and the classes have been great so far. Challenging which is good.

Westford, MA
Great instructors

Staff are always helpful and follow up in a timely manner. Classes are friendly, instructors are willing to meet clients where they are at, modify as needed and always provide feedback in a positive manner.

Brookline, NH
The people have been amazingly friendly and helpful for some new like me.

Groton, MA
The classes have friendly instructors who push you to work YOUR hardest. You set your own pace and there is no shaming if you need to slow down or modify the routine. The classes fly by because they are so fun and engaging. New membership is a great intro to both spin and circuit training classes where you have unlimited access for 30 days. The InMotion app makes it really easy to book/cancel classes, see what classes are available over the week (short description included), and work with your favorite instructors. It's compatible with Google calendars, so you can add your class time with the touch of a button. The staff seems really happy to work with one another and it's great to support a small, local business. I can't say enough great things about this place. Please give them a try!

Chelmsford, MA
Clean studio, excellent staff that are so helpful. Great class with a great teacher who really pushed her clients