A fun, heart-pumping workout on a beautiful Star Trac spin bike. Ride on the flats, up hills, through rolling hills led by a certified instructor motivated by great music. Spinning is perfect for everyone since you control the resistance and pedal speed creating just the right intensity for you. Beginners are welcome at all classes. We’ll fit your bike and get you started so you feel comfortable.

Circuit Training

An efficient workout that integrates strength, balance, coordination, and cardio. Circuit training is a total body challenge that is designed to target strength building and improve agility and muscular endurance through various stations. You’ll be challenged with dumbbells, stability balls, BOSU, cable weight machine, kettlebells and our cable system to name a few!

Cardio Strength Intervals (CSI)

A high-intensity, full body workout that burns calories after you leave the studio. Improve overall fitness, agility, speed and athleticism. C.S.I uses varied timed interval sets combining strength and cardio in movements that prepares your body for the fun stuff in your life!

Strength & Core

Ab-solutely the best way to help shape and tone your core and building your muscles! This 45-minute class is a combination of balance, strength and endurance exercises for the core while incorporating strength exercises as well. Featuring isometric and dynamic stability activities to target all the muscles and functions the abdominal region should encounter!

Strength & Conditioning

A high-intensity, full-body workout that burns calories after you leave the studio. The class incorporates full body dynamic movements to push your limits using dumbbells, varied intervals, and multi-directional movements which help develop more cardiovascular conditioning and functional strength. You never repeat the same workout twice which keeps your body challenged and in full-fat burning mode. Whether your goal is to compete in a sport, avoid injury or just keep up with your kids, this class will train you for life!

Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon)

MetCon is ideal for getting your conditioning done in just over 40 minutes, you will blast your entire body by completing a variety of functional exercises. It is a method of training that involves a very high work rate, using exercises designed to burn more calories during your workout and maximize your “afterburn”!

Nimble & Nifty I

Looking to start an exercise program? This class is designed for the 45 and over individual looking for a fun fitness environment. Learn how to build strength, balance, coordination, and muscle endurance all in a small-group setting. We’ll have several exciting routines working with resistance bands, light dumbbell weights, and mats. Work at your own pace. All fitness levels are welcome.

Nimble & Nifty II

This is a level up from Nimble I. A circuit class that combines easy to follow moves for your cardiorespiratory health, resistance exercises for your muscle health, and stretching for both flexibility and balance. All this in a group environment providing camaraderie and social support. You will learn to use weights properly, strengthen muscles, all while burning calories! Strength work is performed with hand weights, elastic tubing or medicine balls. Every exercise will have a modification making it suitable for all levels!

Circuit Training / Flexible Start

Circuit training with 5 start times to fit your schedule. Pick your start time and complete 1-3 circuits. A constantly varied workout that will challenge and motivate!

Physioball Circuit Training

Physioball Circuit Training is a new class filled with strength and cardiovascular total body exercises to help you achieve real results! Incorporating elements of Physioball with parts of circuit-style training, including, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and more! This unique hybrid class will give you the variety you’re looking for in a workout!


TRX+ is a brand-new group fitness class that incorporates suspension training, which utilizes bodyweight exercises to develop total-body strength, balance and core stability simultaneously. Combining with kettlebells, weights, and other exercises, It will not only trim your body fat, but also help you stay fit, healthy, and strong.

TRX Circuit

TRX Circuit is a multi-level, full body workout that uses the TRX Suspension System, resistance bands, dumbbells, and mats. This class incorporates core work, plyometrics, resistance training, stability and balance. Learn how to build strength, balance, coordination and muscle endurance all in a small group setting. Work at your own pace. Every exercise will have a modification making it suitable for all levels!


Ready for a challenge? HIIT- High-intensity interval training is a highly efficient technique that combines intense bursts of max-intensity exercise with shorter intervals of lower-intensity activity, just enough to catch your breath. HIIT’s flexibility means every class will be fresh and new, incorporating all sorts of equipment and styles and of course, strength training. By combining High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) & strength training, you will experience a new way to work in class. Rotating focuses on the upper, lower, posterior chain, & accessory movements. You will use a variety of fitness equipment to work your muscles & challenge your fitness levels. Low impact modifications are available with the option for high intensity. The Class Format will be split evenly between Strength and HIIT.