Do I need bike shoes?

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Sneakers are just fine, our bikes are fitted with baskets to put your feet in while your spinning.  However, spinning shoes with SPD cleats are [...]

Do you sell water?

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No, but we provide water for free through our high tech-water dispenser which purifies and sanitizes each drop of water. It's located in the lobby.

Do you have lockers?

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We don't have lockers but we have cubicles where you can put your stuff in during class.

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Can I cancel my reservation?

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All cancellations must be done in your online account or by calling the studio at least 2 hours before the class.  If you reserve a [...]

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When should I arrive?

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Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the class in order to give us enough time to properly fit you to one of our [...]

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Can I pause my membership?

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You can suspend your membership up to 3 months in a 12 month period. Please give us a one-month notification by email Jeff@inmotioncycling.com with the [...]

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