Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to Spinning, will I be able to handle it?2020-08-12T13:11:44+00:00

Yes, you can! The difficulty of the class is at your discretion, we want you to ease into the experience of Spinning. This is done by the use of the resistance knob, it is located on your bike and only you can adjust it. If you’re feeling too tired, lessen the resistance on the fly and keep pedaling. If you’re feeling great, add more resistance! More resistance=better results and a much more fulfilling workout!

Do I need bike shoes?2018-09-26T20:17:48+00:00

Sneakers are just fine, our bikes are fitted with baskets to put your feet in while your spinning.  However, spinning shoes with SPD cleats are a good investment, they promote efficient movement throughout the whole pedal stroke, improve stability and reduce strain to the Achilles tendon and calf muscles. We offer spin shoes to rent so please ask for a pair if you’re interested at the front desk!

Do you sell water?2020-08-12T13:13:55+00:00

No, but we provide water for free through our high tech-water dispenser which purifies and sanitizes each drop of water. It’s located in the lobby.

What should I wear?2017-11-14T16:24:08+00:00

Something you’re not afraid to SWEAT in.

Do you have changing rooms?2017-11-14T16:24:59+00:00

We don’t have designated changing rooms, but we have two bathrooms that can be used for changing.

Do you have lockers?2017-11-14T16:25:50+00:00

We don’t have lockers but we have cubicles where you can put your stuff in during class.

Do I need to make a reservation for class?2018-03-20T16:15:37+00:00

We highly recommend that you make a reservation if you plan to attend a class to avoid the waitlist. We do welcome walk-in riders but classes can fill-up and you may not get into the class. You can make reservations online up to 3 weeks in advance. You must have a valid class or class package on your account in order to reserve a bike.

Can I cancel my reservation?2020-08-12T13:15:11+00:00

All cancellations must be done in your online account or by calling the studio at least 2 hours before the class.  If you reserve a class and do not cancel within 2 hours of the class time your account will be charged for the class if you don’t show up  See our cancellation policy on the cancellation/reservation page.

When should I arrive?2020-08-12T13:20:15+00:00

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the class in order to give us enough time to properly fit you to one of our many Star Trac Spinning Bikes. Next, we’ll show you how to use the computer and resistance knob that is used extensively during the class. We’ll explain how you control the intensity of the flywheel by controlling the resistance knob which really makes your ride! Also, we provide a water cooler and towels to fill your water bottle and keep you dry during our exciting classes. It’s a good idea to spend your first class getting used to the bike, movements, and controlling the resistance and pedal speed.

Can I pause my membership?2017-11-14T16:29:25+00:00

You can suspend your membership up to 3 months in a 12 month period. Please give us a one-month notification by email Jeff@inmotioncycling.com with the dates of the suspension.

Why don’t you use weights in cycling classes?2020-08-12T13:20:50+00:00

We do not utilize weight lifting or other exercises while on the bike for safety, form, and focus reasons. Doing strength training exercises is a great way to exercise, but not while pedaling at high speeds. Additionally, it is counterproductive to your power output and calorie burn during cycling. Check out some of our other cross-training and fitness classes if you’re looking for strength training opportunities!

Do you offer Corporate Discounts?2017-11-14T16:30:59+00:00

Yes, we do! We offer a 10% discount on all memberships after the New Client Specials, please speak to Jeff for details.

Do you offer a Student Discount?2017-11-14T16:30:17+00:00

Yes! We offer student pricing for most of our memberships, including class passes.  You must present a valid school ID at check-in. You cannot book in advance using this discount, please ask the front desk for details.

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