InMotion Rewards Program

Welcome to the InMotion Rewards Program!

Please click here to go to to sign up today!!

We are partnered with Perkville to reward our members for doing what they already love to do: being active and staying in shape!

Earn points and redeem them for memberships, classes, InMotion gear and much more. It’s super easy to earn rewards.


1. After your first class at InMotion, you will receive an e-mail from Perkville asking if you would like to participate in our rewards program. Just take a few minutes to set up a Perkville account, you get 25 points just for signing up. Current InMotion members can sign up by going to Perkville’s website, creating an account, and linking your account to InMotion Cycling Studio.

Note: Use the same e-mail for Perkville that you use at InMotion Cycling Studio to schedule classes.

2.    Earn your points

3.    Redeem your points by logging into your Perkville account and click ” Redeem ” . You can print off the voucher or show us on your mobile phone to apply the credit.

EARNING POINTS Not only can you earn points for the below activities but we will feature bonus points each month to help you earn even more points!

THE PERKS Once you have earned enough points just click redeem beside the offer. Please check back often to see new opportunities to earn more points!