Why InMotion will work for you

Our training sessions are one of the best ways to begin an overall individual fitness program. With a certified trainer we’ll help you develop an enjoyable fitness program and focus on exercises that target your specific goals!

Whether you are an advanced exerciser or a beginner, our trainers can ensure that you are being trained in a safe environment! Our staff is capable of modifying any exercise in order to make each individual feel comfortable and motivated in our studio.

With InMotion Personal Training, you will improve your strength, coordination, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance plus achieve your fitness goals! Your trainer will give you the guidance and direction you need to help you keep focused one step at a time!

Benefits of Personal Training Include:

-Sessions tailored to your needs and goals

-Increase strength and endurance

-Increase your energy levels

-Boost your self-confidence

-Lower your body fat composition

-Receive nutritional guidance

-Improve Balance and Flexibility

– Increased Bone Density

-And so much more!

Private Sessions

Semi-Private Sessions (2 People)

1 Session (30 Min)

$40per session

1 Session

$55per session

5 Sessions

  • $50 per session

10 Sessions

  • $45 per session

1 Session

$84per session
  • $42 per person

5 Session

  • $34 per person

10 Session

  • $30 per session